Strategic & Risk Advisory

The rising risk and complexity in the 21st century organisations drive a heightened regulation control and evolvement of business strategies to ensure the companies are staying at the top of its game. An effective risk management process is not merely for compliance, risk management should be applied in strategic planning and decision-making process to create value. Does your management team have the risk management capability to examine the danger and opportunity behind every risk?

Axcelasia’s Strategic & Risk Advisory services include:

ERM Framework, Policy and Procedures

The Enterprise Risk management (“ERM”) process generally commence with the setting up of an ERM Framework, taking into consideration of human and cultural factors of different organisation. It governs the risk management activities and reporting structure within the organisation and allows the understanding of risk management practices to be aligned across the group / division / department / function.
Risk Assessment / Strategic Risk Assessment

Risk assessment process covers the identification of clients’ key risks via desktop review, industry research, interview discussions, and facilitation workshops.

We create interactive platform to encourage participation and feedback from executive and senior management in identifying key risk drivers, assessment on the effectiveness their risk management strategies and evaluate risk exposure to the organisation. 

We also actively engage Senior Management and board members to identify strategic risks of the company, considering of the industry dynamic, operating environment, strategic objective and business model of their respective companies.

Risk Action Development and Monitoring

Risk management process does not stop at risk assessment. Risk action plan development and execution are often the missing link in most of the organisation.

Our experienced and senior professional, coupled with business mindset, will involve in the risk action development process to assist clients in managing and capitalise on the key risks and challenges identified. Interactive brainstorming session are held with Risk Owners to identify optimised and practical solutions.
ERM Training

Axcelasia have provide more than 50 in-house trainings to various PLCs, GLCs, government agencies, and private companies. Our directors were also invited to speak at various conferences and forums, both locally and internationally, to share experience and insights on governance, risk and compliance related matters.

We also provide in-house risk management training to interact with your risk management staff and equip them with practical risk management implementation technique and facilitation skill.
ERM Maturity Assessment

Axcelasia provides an independent assessment on the maturity level of client’s risk management function, guided by the international recognised standard ISO 31000:2018 (Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines) and ERM’s better practices.
Our senior professional will interact with board members and senior management and provide strategic recommendations to elevate risk management capability of your organisation.
Our methodology include:-
  • Examine & evaluate roles of ERM function in supporting client’s strategic; management; and operational goals achievement processes. The effectiveness and gaps identification of the ERM practices encompass the following four (4) aspects:

  • Identify improvement opportunities of ERM function’s performances against established risk management standards and better practices in the industry and market place; and 
  • Provide recommendations on enhancing performance of the ERM function to achieve the overall business goals.
Investment Risk Framework and Assessment

Investing into new projects and investments is a thrilling journey to most organisation. A structured investment risk framework can govern the investment process and managing risks strategically.
Axcelasia conducts facilitated investment risk assessment workshop and get the involvement from board members and senior management to assess the investment risk from strategic, operational, governance, financial and compliance perspective. We also offer our strategic view and provide guidance to Senior Management on better practices in managing risks.
Key Risk Indicator Development

Organisation should proactively manage their risks and be alert on the key risk drivers. Key risk indicator is once such tool which provides an early warning system designed for timely monitoring and responding to identified events prior to risk crystallisation.
We assist clients in reviewing the key risk drivers of specific risks and facilitate the identification of symptoms and red flags for monitoring. Appropriate key risk indicators and trigger points are set for timely alert to business manager on potential risk crystallisation, hence allowing them to response before suffering the risk impact.
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