Digital Transformation - Accounting Through IT and Process Enhancement

Evolving an organisation technologically leads to operational complexity that could result in greater cost to the business. Companies often end up spending time and cost to reconsider their approach to operations to achieve optimum enhancement.

This creates unnecessary pressure on the finance function to improve its effectiveness. Increased demands from analysts and other stakeholders mean that greater accuracy, precision, process time for transactions and transparency in financial statements and forecasts are an expectation of the finance function today.

In order to achieve best practice for accounting processes and control procedures, consideration should be given to related concepts such as shared service and outsourcing arrangements. It also requires the implementation of a common set of rules, definitions and procedures to ensure consistency. This means improving and automating routine financial processes and transactions to produce accurate and up-to-the-minute financial business information swiftly.

Our Services are as follows:

  • We are able to assist clients in assessing, transforming, reorganising and digitising the finance and control function and processes which we deem as “digital transformation, the way to move forward”.
  • Digital transformation would lead to improved financial transactions and statement close process. It enhances processing capabilities and reduces the processing costs for the company in the long run.
  • We automate processes and provide an option to take on as an outsourcing arrangement non-core accounting processes or functions which in return enables companies to focus on key business aspects.

Our Business Leader
Sivaruban Kandasamy
Sivaruban KandasamyExecutive Director: Axcelasia Global
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