Corporate Finance

Strategic Advice
Having the access to brainstorm strategic direction with an independent and objective adviser helps many of our clients refine their strategic plans moving forward. We provide benchmarked studies and applicable strategies to help clients grow and to take on the next step.

Business Planning And Modelling
Whether your business is established or in its early stages, we can assist to further develop your business, operational, financing, marketing, human resources, governance and risk management strategies.

We work with clients to help them formulate focused business plans together with functional financial models. These tools can help you assess the future viability and direction of your business and maximise your opportunities for raising finance.

Business Valuation
There are various motives for valuing a business including buying or selling a business, selling or transferring shares, considering a market listing, breach of contract or a cessation in trading, shareholder disputes, death or divorce.

The valuation of unquoted shares and private businesses presents unique challenges. Nonetheless, our tested and trusted techniques will provide you with a true, fair, well-informed and reliable commercial valuation. We are able to value all or part of a business through the understanding and analysis of a variety of complex factors. These include both detailed technical knowledge of value drivers and in-depth industry knowledge.

Due Diligence
For a buy-side, due diligence is an essential aspect of transaction planning as it can affect the purchase price of a business or even the decision of whether to pursue the said transaction. We assist clients to validate the key assertions on which the proposed acquisition is to be based. We will be able to provide a comprehensive review of the target’s financial health and we will also focus on identifying risks, exposures and opportunities early in the process before the purchase takes place.

In contrast, for a sell-side, a detailed report can determine the financial health of the business for potential buyers. We will provide an independent report based on financial performance and future prospects addressing all issues that buyers are seeking to know. The track record of past performance and the future prospects of the target Company is essential in understanding where the Company has been and where its potential may take it. Axcelasia has vast expertise in various industries and would be able provide value adding inputs prior to decision making.

Public Company Advisory
Listing is an essential step that can offer capital for growth, create a market for a company’s shares, enhance the profile and credibility of the business, and ultimately provide an exit strategy for its owners. We support clients through the various phases of flotation, advising clients from across the ASEAN region in its initial public offering.

Acquisition Advisory
Acquisitions involve a great deal of management time and has significant risk factors. Regardless of the life-cycle of your business or the industry in which you operate in, we are able to provide specialist skills, practical experience, and objectivity to your plans. Our team has a depth of experience in advising and supporting in the planning, sourcing, negotiation, and completing acquisitions for clients.

Financial Modelling
We design tailored financial models that provide practical solutions for businesses and management buy-out (MBO)/ management buy-in (MBI) teams, private equity firms, investment banks and other financiers. The advantages of a tailored model is that the outputs and usability is designed uniquely for your needs. These financial models have improved accuracy, flexibility to perform sensitivity analysis, have increased robustness and ensures that your management team has a financial model that they can rely on. Many of our models are used not only for one-off transactions but for operational monitoring of businesses.

Our Business Leader
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