Payroll Services

We provide to our clients services listed below:

  • Processing Monthly Payroll of Employees
  • Processing Statutory payments of tax deduction (PCB), employee provident fund (EPF), social security (SOCSO) and employee insurance (EIS)
  • Preparation of monthly computerized pay slips
  • Preparation of FORM E and EA for filing with the tax authorities
  • Maintaining employee payroll records
  • Assisting in the preparation of employment letter
  • Attending to statutory matters of new and resigned employees
  • Assist new company to register with EPF, SOCSO, IRB (Inland Revenue Board) in respect of the Employer’s E file reference number and PAYE (PCB) deduction
Paymaster Services 

  • Liaising with the company on instructions of payments to suppliers, employees, service providers, claims and other administrative expenses
  • Preparing schedule of payments for approval by authorized staff of the company
  • Preparing online transfer (GIRO) or issuing cheques after obtaining approval
  • Reporting on payments made and funds utilized
Our Business Leader
Datin Chai Seow Lin
Datin Chai Seow LinManaging Director: Axcelasia Corporate Services & Axcelasia Global
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Cheah Mei Hua
Cheah Mei HuaFinancial
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